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Re: 1.8.0

Gita Enders <> wrote:
> > Is anyone else getting gobs o' traceback errors with 1.8.0 or is it a 
> > cult secretly wishing to cause me frustration?
> I get tracebacks on my player logins; wizards and guests login okay.
> The player traceback is on "#6:confunc..."
> Anyone else?

Well, that is entirely possible to get tracebacks on the server 
upgrade, since there were quite a few changes. However, saying you 
have tracebacks is completely worthless. We have no way of offering 
any suggestions. 

However, a careful read of the changelog will identify some of the 
most important changes to make. ALso, someone has put together a 
listing of changes to the database to upgrade. I lost the address, 
but it does outline the most crucial ones to start making. Somebody 
have it written down somewhere. That is something that most 
definitely needs to be in the FAQ if it isn't there already.

As a side note, we just successfully upgraded Diversity University 
MOO to 1.8.0p5. Eric Mercer and I spent a couple weeks on a trial 
copy identifying all the changes and then within a couple hours of 
workign together made the transition successfully. (complete with 
converting to numeric verb references). We just made a couple small 
goofs, but nothing to break the MOO.

I have also compiled a shortened summary version of the Programmer's 
Manual if you want a print out of the builtin summaries. It can be 
found at

David Morris
Dave @ Diversity University MOO

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