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Re: Caller & Player

On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, Thomas LEVY wrote:

> -In this case, the caller shouldn't also be Loro?
> _What does caller_perms() do?

'player' is the person who first initiated the command, (or actually, the
network connection that put in the command) and always stays the same no
matter how much verbs you call (unless a wizard-verb changes its value)

'caller' is the /object/ which called this verb (or rather, the object on
which the verb sits, that called this verb) You can get more information
about the caller (like which verb it was that called it, what the
caller.owner is, what the verb-owner on that object is, etc) /and/ all the
callers before that, by the builtin 'callers()'. 

caller_perms() returns the object number of the /programmer/ (the owner)
of the /verb/ on the caller (not necessarily the caller.owner) that called
this verb. This should be safest thing to check in a +x, non-command line
verb (this none this) unless you have a wacko wizard @chowning verbs like
a madman, without checking which verbs it calls etc.


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