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Re: Appropriate communication

At 08:23 AM 7/19/96 PDT, Fiona McCrae wrote:
>Is there any way to ensure that players cannot page other players that are
in the same room.  I want to encourage the use of say and whisper for that.
>Is there any way to do this for just my character on Lambda or other moos?
well it depends, you don't want to be able to page people who are in the
same room, or you don't want people paging you if you are in the same room?

If you don't want people paging you, you can always code your :receive_page,
here's a sample could probably be fixed up more..

if (player.location==this.location)
player:tell("Please use say or whisper instead.");
return 0;
return pass(@args);

of course that will mess up relay pages and other things, but it's a start..
if you don't want to be able to page other people you can code your :page
(and ' verb) pretty much the same way...

if you're doing this elsemoo and want to add it to the default player, just
stick that in :receive_page or somewhere...


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