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RE: appropriate communication

Well, I'm not too concerned about driving away many people.  The goal of this
moo is to provide an interactive environment for a specific group of people, who
think it's a neat idea whatever I do.  It is not a place for every moo programmer
who wants a little more quota to play with to get an account.  I'm pretty certain
that builders will be about as common as programmers elsewhere and prog-
bits will be handed out like wiz-bits on most moos.

The important part here is that the moo behaves like reality.  If you are standing
right next to someone, I seriously doubt you'd select telepathy as your primary
mode of communication.  It excludes people around you from interaction.  On
the other hand if everyone sees "X whispers something to Y" and "Y whispers
something to X" over and over, they can make snide remarks, try to evesdrop,
and everything else.  If X and Y want privacy they can take it to a private room,
or better yet, take it to IRC, which is typically far far far less lagy than MOO
and offloads their private conversation from my server.

I don't have near the resources of Lambda.  Small moos have to decide how
to best serve their target audience.


From: 	Adams, Charles[]
Sent: 	Friday, July 19, 1996 3:20 PM
To: 	MOO-Cows
Subject: 	Re: appropriate communication

I guarantee if you implement any of the so-called "solutions" that have been 
offered so far to the page/whisper problem, you will successfully drive away 
anyone who might otherwise connect to your MOO, and you'll get a reuptation 
as a control-freak code-nazi.

A better solution would be to check out JHcore's @option of +/-page_dwim 
(dwim=="Do What I Mean [not what I say]")

An even better solution would be to have the page _recipient_ control 
whether E sees "pages" or "whispers".  A tiny bit of tweaking to the 
:page_receive_msg would enable this.

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