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RE: REQUEST:WinNT LambdaMOO Server

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From: 	Brad Bristow-Stagg[]
Sent: 	Monday, July 22, 1996 7:43 AM
Subject: 	REQUEST:WinNT LambdaMOO Server

Greetings All,
              I am enquiring as to weather anyone could tell me if there is
a LambdaMOO Server compiled for Windows NT.  The reason why I am asking this
is that I am working for a High school as the CSO, and the Computing
Co-Ordinator has asked me if he could run something to introduce students to
social virtual reality in one of his subjects.  I instantly thought of
LambdaMOO, and vaguely remember someone saying something, somewhere(Yea,
real vague eh ;) ) about there being a Win95 & a WinNT version of a MOO
server.  If anyone knows of anything or is willing to tackle this problem I
would appriciate it greatly.

  Thanks all.


Brad J B Bristow-Stagg
CSO Yeppoon State High School
Queensland Australia

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