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Here's a thought. It's extremely difficult to debug code where you have
multiple verbs/props/variables in one line, then your verb dies with a E_*NF
error. Is there anyway to have these errors include the name of the
variable/etc. it couldn't find? For example:

for x in ($object_utils:descendants(args[1]))
  if (index(, args[2]))
    objects = {@objects, x};

(Yes, okay, it's simplistic code, but i'm just using it as an example)
This only returns E_VARNF, line 3... which doesn't tell you much. Perhaps
E_VARNF( objects = {@OBJECTS, x}; ), line 3 would be more informative? Or
course, it wouldn't have to be in that format or anything, just something to
tell you which verb/prop/var isn't being found... Oh well, just my
suggestion thrown into the list. :)
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