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MOO into C

      Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 23:56:19 PDT

      The MOO language should have the syntax of:
              a += 1;

   Ew!  Please, no.  Please do not rush to turn MOO into C.

   Keep it simple.  MOO is a great first language.  Let's not complexify
   it for little gain.

I'm ambivalent here, I can live without them.  But this reminded me of 
something else, something I'd really like to see the server correct.  The 

foo = {@foo, bar}

in order to append something to a list has to deep copy the entire list 
structure into a new list with the new element appended.  This can cause 
some significant overhead with large lists.  I understand that with certain 
optimizations, this wouldn't be necessary.  A byte-code optimizer would be 
fabulous, and could speed up the server tremendously.

The only downside is that optimized code wouldn't decompile back into MOO 
source code.  This could be worked around by giving programmers some 
facility to save the un-optimized bytecodes (perhaps as a binary string?) 
before optimizing.


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