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Comments and Comments

At 11:54 AM 7/24/96 PDT, Nick Ingolia wrote:
>This is why C-style comments (/* Comment */) are not conserved and why if you
>;;set_verb_code(me, "test", {"#0.player;"}); return verb_code(me, "test");

Speaking of which, I think persistent comments would be a nice inclusion in
a future version of MOO,  '//' to end of line moreso than the /* multi-line
*/ style.

I'd also like to welcome JoeFeedback as the maintainer, even if he is POWER
ELITE SLIME.  Hell, by virtue of being POWER ELITE SLIME, he comes highly
recommended for the job.

I remember meeting him in the Living Room over four years ago.  We held each
other quietly and watched the moon dance in the pool through the plate glass
window.  We loved each other then, me and Jo--hey, wait that was Gary
Severn.  Nevermind.

Anyway, welcome.

I must also add my sincere, if belated, appreciation to Pavel for @digging
me an exit out of the $womb and into $life.  I won't seep undue messianic
praise here, but his work *has* comprised the inspirational toybox for
hundreds of misfit slackers.

I remember meeting him in Lambda's Den over four years ago...

Ahem.   // Anyway, real saved comments would be cool for the new server.
        // So I wouldn't have to always backquote my quotes in literal strings.
        // And so I could abuse them like this.
        // It is pretty, though, ain't it?


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