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RE: Comments and Comments

"Not to sound unduly indignant, but if you mean \"comments\" like this,";
" then I have been using them for over four years now.  They are not";
" a \"feature\" of JHM, but rather a commonplace MOO substitute for a real";
" code commenting syntax.  I was requesting something with lends itself";
" to greater clarity.";


At 11:51 AM 7/24/96 PDT, Adams, Charles wrote:
>Speaking of which, I think persistent comments would be a nice inclusion in
>a future version of MOO,  '//' to end of line moreso than the /* multi-line
>*/ style.
>They're called string constants.  If you don't mind the fact that they have 
>to be on
>a separate line, JHcore has such comments.  (as do many other MOOs, it's
>probably JHcore's single most-swiped feature)


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