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Re: MOO into C

>At 14:32 -0800 7/24/96, ThwartedEfforts wrote:
>>We already have three ways to append items to the end of lists:
>>   {@foo, bar}
>>   listappend(foo, bar)
>>   foo[$+1..$] = {bar}

At 04:57 PM 7/24/96 PDT, Richard Godard wrote:
>  listinsert(foo, bar, length(foo)+1) ( and in some case setadd() )

I thought the original discussion was about adding to a list without
reconstructing it?  I think all of theese examples still reconstruct the list.

Before reconstructing the list (or string), the server should decide if
there is enough memory in the space after the list or string to actually
append, instead of moving it somewhere else.

- Kipp


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