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Re: wish lists

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Kipp the Kidd wrote:

> The last problem is +c and -c.  The C bit affects the behavior of /setting/
> a property, and I have no program for setting properties, so all C will do
> is cause problems.

I have (sitting around here /somewhere/) a wrapper that I wrote for 
functions that sat on #1 and handled all property/verb calls that came
to it.  It worked kinda like this...

.program #1:_*
set_task_perms(cp = caller_perms());
pname = verb[2..$];
if (args)
  {stuff, ?perms = `cp.default_prop_perms ! ANY => "r"'} = args;
  "I /still/ think the above line should return {stuff, perms}";
  if (stuff == E_NONE)
    return `delete_property(this, pname) ! E_PROPNF, E_PERM';
      this.(pname) = args[1];
      "maybe a check for if args[2]?";
    except (E_PROPNF)
      add_property(this, pname, args[1], {cp, perms});
    "the try stuff still dies on E_PERM ... I want a set_debug_flag(caller_debug_flag() type thing!!!!! I can do in-db hacks, but there's no way to know for certain what the previous debug flag was in all cases";
    return this.(pname);
  return this.(pname);
  "dying on E_PROPNF or E_PERM... see above comment";

The above code was just written, but is much like my real version 
(somewhere :).  At least, it's supposed to work like it. :)  Basically,

  ;player:_last_connect_time()   => returns player.last_connect_time
  ;player:_last_connect_time(time())   => sets player.last_connect_time to
                                          be time, creating it if necessary
                                          as a property owned by the perms
                                          with only the readable flag set
  ;player:_last_connect_time(time(), "rwc")   => sets player.last_connect_time
                                          to be time, creating if necessary
                                          as a prop owned by the perms with
                                          the three flags set
  ;player:_last_connect_time(E_NONE)   => deletes the property 



Once again, in the middle of a relocation, but I'll get back to you


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