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Re: New MOO Maintainer: Me

At 05:31 PM 7/24/96 PDT, Nate Massey wrote:
>On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Juliean Galak wrote:
>> Well, I don't knwo if this idea was advanced before or not, but how about a
>> debugger?  somethign with breakpoints and variable watch might be nice.  The
>> other BIG thing I'd love to see is a full set of docs for LambdaCore (I
>> dont' know if this falls into your jurisdiction or not...)
>Well, I started to make an in-DB object that would do this like this...
>Basically, when you wanted to debug a verb, you would tell it (using some
>funky interface which hasn't gotten written yet) and it would place 
>$debug:watch(), $debug:breakpoint() etc. calls into the verb.  Then you
>would have control of certain things as the verb was running.

when you are done with it, could you drop a note on the list please?  (That,
is if you don't mind people ste er.. borrowing it from you :)  )

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