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Re: [SERVER] triggers OR Re: wish lists

>A much nicer syntax would be:
>wait(<object>, <property>);  
>Which suspends the current task until <object>.<property> has changed.  At
>which time, the task is requeued for execution, and it can perform the
>condition itself and wait again if necessary.
>while (1)
>  incoming_old = this.incoming_message;
>  wait(this, "incoming_message");
>  if (this.incoming_message != incoming_old)
>    this:tell("[AOL guy] You have new mail!");
>  endif

Now this is a feature I would love to see. How many of us out there have a
scheduler or three waiting around, suspending checking tasks, or have an
enterfunc verb that looks as if it should be shot?
For VR type functions, this would be a great time saver, and code saver, as
far as lag goes..

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