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AIX4.1.4 compile problems

Hello folks;

I'm trying to drag MooOISE kicking and screaming in to the 19 century by
upgrading to 1.8. whatever.  I've got all my necessary toys... except one.
My nasty old operating system doesn't come with a c compiler!!!!!!  And IBM
thinks that they can handle the Olympics!  They're sure fouling my
disseration ;-)

I've got my gcc2.7.0, but something nasty is holding it up, and the generic
University of Toronto Unix guru is AWOL for the summer.  Some it will be at
least a month before I can get it working.

So, the question is "do you have it?" or will someone please CONSIDER
compiling the latest version of LM for me and let me have it?  I've got an
RS/6k Powerstation 340 with AIX4.1.4.

As the illustrious ZenMaster can attest, I'm not beyond bribery.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and help.


 Jason Nolan    
 Curriculum Department
 Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education, U of T

* Note that the new address is *

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