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Re: verbing properties again

What is being talked about here is the concept of encapsulation.  Basically,

Suppose, for instance, this "verbing properties" is used.  You could then
put a wrapper around properties whose names end with '_msg'.  For the most
part, these properties should contain a false value or a string.  Sometimes
players get creative and put lists of strings in the properties, then until
they correct it they see {list} where they should see that message.  The
wrapper installed could either reject any list values for assignment to the
property (raise E_TYPE), or convert lists into single strings.

I do not require a lecture on OOP.  The fact is, encapsulation is provided 
by making properties !r!c and using wrapper methods.  It's what wrapper 
methods were made for.  It's why you call wrapper methods instead of using 
the property.  If you want the presentation of a message, use *_msg (or 
msg_* on e_core, nice how you don't have to overload a message name then).

If I want to access raw data, I want the raw data, period.  None of this 
"well you really want to do this so I'll do it instead" junk.

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