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Re: verbing properties again

At 06:55 AM 7/26/96 PDT, Adams, Charles wrote:
>I'll never support this ill-founded idea of invisibly "verbing" property 
>access. When I say, I want to see the property "bar" on object 
>"foo", and not what someone decides I *should* be seeing instead.  Are we 
>going to have to design a builtin to mean "I really want the property, no I 
>really mean it, no, I don't want to go through channels, just connect me to 
>the property."

I think this is greedy thinking.  If MOO is ever going to be flexible enough
to handle more complicated tasks, we need to add some flexibility to theese
not-so-flexible properties.

I don't think anyone would modify the output of a property unless it did
something useful.  So, if you want to be the only one doing useful things,
lock yourself in a room with a new MOO.  (Verbing properties might be useful
even to yourself tho...)

I can only imagine how boring descriptions would be if they never changed,
or reflected on the current state of an object.  I use the verbing
properties method at Paradigm, and it's the best thing since queued tasks.

- Kipp

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