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Re: Dynamic variable typing?

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By author:    Michael Brundage <>
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> If you're going to distinguish between binary strings and ordinary
> strings, then you might as well take the plunge and allow user-definable
> data types.  Ideally, the server would allow these to be created within
> the database (instead of at compile time).  Then we would need a uniform
> way to deal with these typed variables.  So then you could code
>    binary_string theData = "foo";
> and now theData is tagged as having type "binary_string".  Or maybe
>    latin1string theData = "something cool";

Actually, a "binary string" is better handled as a byte vector -- the
current version of binary strings is a kluge (partially, I suspect,
because the MOO server could not easily be adapted for new data types
until 1.8.0beta1; I and Pavel had quite a brainstorming session to
figure out how to do FLOAT's.)

A byte vector is *not* a typed string (nor do I believe it is
warranted to do this in MOO); it is a fundamentally different data
type, which I believe it is warranted to add to the language.

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