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compiling on NeXTSTEP 3.3

Hi all,
   I'm trying to compile moo-1.8.0p5 on an intel Pentium,
running NeXTSTEP 3.3.  all the parts compile with no errors,
until the linking phase, whereupon I get this...

|cc -g   -O  ast.o code_gen.o db_file.o db_io.o
|db_objects.o db_properties.o  db_verbs.o decompile.o
|disassemble.o eval_env.o eval_vm.o  exceptions.o
|execute.o extensions.o functions.o keywords.o list.o
|log.o malloc.o match.o md5.o name_lookup.o network.o
|net_mplex.o  net_proto.o numbers.o objects.o
|parse_cmd.o pattern.o program.o  property.o quota.o
|ref_count.oregexpr.o server.o storage.o streams.o
|sym_table.o tasks.otimers.o unparse.o utils.o verbs.o
|version.o parser.o -lposix -o moo
|ld: multiple definitions of symbol _errno
|/usr/lib/libposix.a(errno.o) definition of
|_errno in section (__DATA,__data)
|/lib/libsys_s.a(errno.o) definition of absolute
|_errno (value 0x40105b0)
|*** Exit 1

Any clues??  I found errno.o in libsys_s, and I presume it's in
libposix too, (it's ansi after all) but what's the deal?  I tried
compiling with the -m option (to the linker) and it compiled with 
the above as a warning only, however I then get a floating point
overflow exception on startup of the moo server.


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