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Re: panic: impossible var type

On Tue, 15 Aug 1995, Kai Storbeck wrote:

> hya, following is one of the panic logs which very frequently:

> Aug 15 15:25:31: *** VAR_REF: Impossible var type: 36866

> 	this:(>>Unknown-literal<<)("blablabla");
> it _WAS_
> 	this:announce("blablabla");

> How did this happen? is this a serious bug? It sure looks to me as one...

Yes, it's a serious bug.

To help you'd need to provide us with the following information:

What version of LambdaMOO are you running.
What patches have you applied (and where to get them).
What computer you are running the MOO on.  Model #
What OS that computer is running with version #

The reason for that is because you are getting an error that is probably
caused by an outside source, not from inside LambdaMOO.  In all
probability, this type of error is caused by writing beyond the end of an
array/block of memory.

The alternative is an OS flaw, but unlikely unless you are running a 
prototype version, such as Linux 1.3.XX instead of Linux 1.2.13



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