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Re: List operations

>>One thing I would like to see, in regular MOO (and so it's a suggestion for
>>LPMOO as well) are the range constructions:
>>                [..n] and [n..]
>>Hence list[n..] would be equivalent to list[n..length(list)], except it
>>should save the extra time of evaluating length(list).
>It would save you the extra time of *typing* length(list).  The length
>will still have to be evaluated.  In either case it's O(1), since list[0]
>contains the length (it's inaccessible from MOOcode).  I don't think you
>can argue that this would be a performance improvement.

It's true it wouldn't be a big time savings because length() executes in
constant time; nevertheless, as Stephen Szabo already noted, it would save
some time, because rather than have the MOO perform

  PUSH list
  NUM n
  PUSH list
* CALL_FUNC length

it could do something more like

  PUSH list
  NUM n

saving three operations to evaluate a value I don't really need.  Probably
the MOO server code involved would still have to evaluate the length of the
list anyway (I don't pretend to know about that), but at least it wouldn't
waste time passing the value back into the db; it can do that evaluation
behind the scenes, and save a (small) fraction of a second.

And in any case, it's true, it would save me the trouble of typing it :)

As you also noted, an expression like

return {@foo,@bar,@baz}[3..];

is much better than

temp={@foo, @bar, @baz};
return temp[3..length(temp)];

and represents additional savings beyond the savings involved in not having
to evaluate the length(temp) expression.

While we're revising ranges for lists and strings, we might as well revise
the ranges in for-loops as well, as suggested by someone (sorry, forgot who)
in a previous post:

for each in [#0..max_obj()]   and  for each in ["a".."z"]

should be just as legal as for each in [1..5], and would save one the
trouble of doing

for each in [0..tonum(max_obj())]


for each in [1..26]

respectively; however, this might require differentiating between for-loop
ranges and list/string indexing ranges...


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