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compiling on linux

i'm compiling on linux 1.2.9...
it won't compile, i get this error

gcc -g -Wall -Wwrite-strings  -O -DMOO ast.o code_gen.o db.o db_property.o db_ve
rb.o disassemble.o eval_env.o eval_vm.o exceptions.o execute.o functions.o keywo
rds.o list.o log.o malloc.o match.o name_lookup.o network.o net_mplex.o net_prot
o.o numbers.o objects.o parse_cmd.o program.o property.o quota.o ref_count.o reg
ex.o server.o storage.o streams.o sym_table.o tasks.o timers.o unparse.o utils.o
 verbs.o version.o parser.o  -o moo
numbers.o: In function `bf_sqrt':
/home/brett/moo/MOO-1.7.8p4/numbers.c:186: undefined reference to `sqrt'
make: *** [moo] Error 1
rm parser.c

any help would be apreciated

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