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Re: Gender RL vs. gender in-MOO

> Do you have any policy that enforces that the gender
> people use in your MOO must match the gender they
> have in Real Life ?
> That's to say, that a female person always has a
> female character and that a male person always has
> a male character.
> And, if you have this policy, do you spell it
> out clearly or do you suppose it is obvious and
> self evident ?

Gee, yeah, I make everyone on my role-playing MOO play their real life 
character. I gather info by extorting their therapists. I also require a 
signed document, a driver's license, and a copy of their birth 

This is ridiculous... Why would anyone attempt (and obviously not 
succeed) to enforce gender? That defeats the point of a RP MOO, and makes 
a social MOO more hassle than its worth.

I think that playing a character of the opposite sex would be an amazing 
RP challenge.



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