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Re: MOO cores

> Do any of you out there know where i could find a AppleMOO core or a IBMMOO core?.
> I have a moo allready but it is not off my equipment.

There are numerous cores out there, some of them being the LambdaMOO 
Core, the JHM Core, and the ZenMOO core... Thats just to name a few. I 
think what you're referring to, however, are servers that can be compiled 
under IBM compatible and Apple (Macintosh?) computers. LambdaMOO has been 
successfully compiled under Linux, SCO 86, FreeBSD, and various other 
UNIX's for the Intel 8086 family of processors. It has also, to my 
knowledge, been compiled under AP/UX and a couple other UNIX 
implementations for the Motorola 68000 family of processors that run 
older Macs. I don't know if it has been compiled under Mac's powered by 
the PowerPC processor.  Currentl,y LambdaMOO cannot be compiled under MS-DOS.



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