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Re: ADV-PROG Re: Defining New Error Codes? [SERVER]

>   (#-1, #-2, #-3 are already taken, and on E_MOO, I already have #-4
>     defined as $this for the parser.  You mainly just want to use a
>     negative object number here that is less than #-3 and not used by
>     anything else (nothing in a standard lambdacore uses anything less
>     than #-3))

Except for connections not yet connected to a player object---the ones
that #0:do_login_command deals with.  They start at, I think #-5 and
proceed down to negative infinity as new connections come in.

> Anyone for frobs? (thereby allowing you to overload typeof() and account for
>  this) :) :) :)  But let's not get into that.  (Check the archives). feelings on this are in the archive...

Jay Carlson

Flat text is just *never* what you want.   ---stephen p spackman

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