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Re: Gender RL vs. gender in-MOO

    Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 17:14 EDT
    From: "Walter A. Aprile" <aprile@NL.CS.CMU.EDU>

    Do you have any policy that enforces that the gender people use in
    your MOO must match the gender they have in Real Life ?

This is probably the closest chance many guys ever get to feeling how
irritating it is to be pestered sexually on the basis of so arbitrary an
issue.  Why remove their opportunity to step into someone else's shoes and
learn what a hassle it can be?  Or for that matter, the opportunity of a
woman to step out of her conventional role and interact for a while
without the "benefit" of such attention.

Anyone who has an existing MOO that is even contemplating requiring people
to be a certain gender should first count the number of sometimes-!r verbs
named "@babes", "@fems", "@girls", etc. and then ask yourself what could
be the purpose of such a verb other than to pick people out of a hat for
someone to hit on.  That being the case, are you sure you want to condemn
certain people to being sitting ducks for such idiotic programs?


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