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Re: on-the-fly guest creation


	Thanks for the suggestion.  I hadn't even considered doing it that
way, mostly because the existing service is pretty fast with no noticeable
delays locally when an in-moo static document is delivered.  But we also do
a lot of remote data access for many of the web requests.  First, these may
take a minute or so to gather all the data from distant information services
so any overhead in object creation is a small fraction.  Secondly, for these
particular requests, the returned document is different (almost) every time, 
so its html has to be generated anew.

	But I agree that cacheing already computed things is a big win when
faced with high creation overheads.  The downside is that you then have to
design and build a cache.  Luckily with OO, reimplementing our system this way
would be comparatively easy.  

			Dave Van Buren

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