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Re: Local Editing w/ TF

In message <>, Joel
Thornton wrote:

    If somebody could tell me how to start mud.el, maybe I can 
    avoid the tf bottleneck. :)

Try M-x load-file for this.

Also, to make this a little less of a hassle, create an autoload like

(setq load-path (cons (expand-file-name "~/elisp") load-path))
(autoload 'mud "mud" "MUD library with MOO support." t)

Then, create an "elisp" directory in your home, and copy the mud.el
file there.

% cd
% mkdir elisp
% cp /where/ever/mud.el elisp

You can add your favorite MUD as the examples have. Once that's all
done, do a 

% cd ~/elisp
% emacs -batch -f batch-byte-compile mud.el

to make this load faster. If your system administrator is amiable,
you could ask him to share this with other users, on the other hand.

I highly recommend that you learn more about emacs by taking the tutorial
using 'C-h t', learning how to use online help with 'C-h i' for info, and
by grabbing the O'Reilly book on "Learning GNU Emacs" for a full-spectrum
guide to all kinds of users.

Happy mudding!

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