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Re: 2 hard programming questions :)

On Mon, 28 Aug 1995, Joel Thornton wrote:

> 2.  Does there exist, or is it possible to,

  Sure it is!  :)

>      write a networking system for
>     MOOs which allows users from one MOO to enter another MOO through
>     some kind of portal system which allows, for instance, a player to
>     "go north" and end up in a room which is literally on another MOO?
>     I can see all sorts of security and programming issues on this one,
>     but at the same time, it seems like it could be a worthwhile endeavor.
>     All I've seen so far is multi-MOO-spanning communications FOs and
>     so forth.  It seems feasible with the advent of MPL ...

  I believe 'Traveller' on The Sprawl ( 7777) has 
been working on such a thing. How (well/if) it works I don't know.

  Also, the documentation on MOO-net tells about 'virtual rooms'. Never tried
it myself, but it looks like you set up any number of virtual rooms which are
'shared' with a respective virtual room on another MOO. While this doesn't
allow universal transportation between any two rooms, it may be a good 
starting point.

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