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Re: Wish list

> Still, I might like to do something like
>   @prop $office
> which returns
>   Syntax error in initial value:  `$' unexpected
> This is a product of @prop, and I could hack that but I don't want to
> have to hack every @-verb that I might want to give an expression
> argument to.  I'm not sure if a server mod is the optimal solution, but
> hacking oodles of core programmer verbs doesn't strike me as optimal
> either.

The goal is -not- to have the server do complex parsing.  I've found it
irritating that the server doesn't know the properties directly defined
on #0 so I can refer to them in commands, but the solution is to do the
object-matching in-DB.  (Recall that not every Core defines its objects
as offshoots of #0; that's a LambdaCore thing.)

Take an example I'm trying to recall from earlier:
... where the writer wished the server to somehow know to leave
'' as a string to be used later in add_propert() but also to
know to turn '' into a value.  This gets into having the server
support more than I'd like -- IMO the verb doing the executing should
look at '' and do whatever it wants/ought to the string typed 
by the user.

Seth / Blackbriar

Seth I. Rich
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