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Re: Wish list

On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Coolin MacKaarmick wrote:

> Okay, so here's a question: what exactly is it that the server does when
> it can't parse a command?  Somehow or other it ends up calling
> $command_utils:do_huh(), but this is a LambdaCore object and verb.  What's
> the generic server action upon parse failure? 

>From the ProgrammersManual.txt file.

   So, the server considers several objects in turn, checking each of
their verbs in turn, looking for the first one that meets all of the
criteria just explained.  If it finds one, then that is the verb whose
program will be executed for this command.  If not, then it looks for a
verb named `huh' on the room that the player is in; if one is found, then
that verb will be called.  This feature is useful for implementing
room-specific command parsing or error recovery.  If the server can't even
find a `huh' verb to run, it prints an error message like `I couldn't
understand that.' and the command is considered complete. 




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