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Re: alternative logins

>This is not on the Moo-CowsFAQ or newbie-arch-wiz FAQ.
>I would like to have two different login areas: one for our younger kids
>that leads them toward a simpler, bilingual area; and another that leads
>out to the main part of the MOO. I imagine perhaps two kinds of guest
>login, something like:
>co guest (reg.)
>co 5thD (kids from the 5th Dimension project).
>After they have chars. they can (or we can) set a default home that is in
>some common area of the bilingual section of th MOO.
>anyone? anyone? Bueller?
$system, should be #0, has a command :do_login_command, this is called when 
ever a command is typed out from the login screen. If you follow it, it will 
take you to $login, in there you should have a verb :connect or something I 
forget exactly but just hack it out here. The code is quite long so you may 
wich to functionate it here. 

Hope thats what you meant, I'll be more exact if needed.


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