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Re: alternative logins

On Tue, 29 Aug 1995 wrote:

> Annother possible way to organize this, is by having guests of a specific 
> type wake up in the area, by modifying either their confunc, or their 
> disfunc verbs to move them to the right area. you can achieve this by 
> simply adding a .home property to the guests, and putting the line 
> 'this:moveto(this.home);' in either of the verbs.  (On my MOO, we've got 
> it set up to move everyone to the Body Bag when disconnecting, saving 
> their previous location and moving them back when they reconnect.)
I'd suggest putting it in the guest's :do_reset (or something like that) 
verb.  Actually, it already does this so you can just set it's .home 
wherever you want.
If you want the other kind of guests to use different commands, it might
be better to make a child of $guest and corify it as $alt_guest and then
hack it's :defer verb to only return children of $alt_guest.  Then you
could add the name that you want other people to log in with instead of 
'guest' as an alias to one of the children of $alt_guest and put the 
extra guest verbs on $alt_guest.  You might also have to hack 
$guest:defer to make sure it doesn't return children of $alt_guest but 
I'm pretty sure it uses children() instead of $object_utils:leaves() and 
I don't think it will use $alt_guest itself since it shouldn't have a 
.player bit.

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