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Re: Parser Problem

At 11:45 AM 8/30/95, Coolin MacKaarmick wrote:
>On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Tom Ritchford wrote:
>> Once you've set the preposition to be none, there can be no
>> iobjstr and iobj.  So @junk is really @junk this none none.
>> In the second example, it tries to match the string "me nothing" against an
>> object and fails.  Thus, the dobj is $nothing... but the dobj has to be
>> "this" in order for the verb to match.  So no match and the error above.
>As I suspected.  The crux of my question is whether there is a workaround
>or if there is an inherent proscription on constructs such as "@pay bob
>$10."  I doubt it (a workaround), but maybe someone's been very, very

You could define the verb with the arguments: any any none, and instead of
checking iobjstr, check prepstr, which ought to be your "$10", in your

Matt Pauker


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