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Re: Parser Problem

At 12:29 PM 8/30/95, Tom Ritchford wrote:
>>At 11:45 AM 8/30/95, Coolin MacKaarmick wrote:
>>>On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Tom Ritchford wrote:
>>>As I suspected.  The crux of my question is whether there is a workaround
>>>or if there is an inherent proscription on constructs such as "@pay bob
>>>$10."  I doubt it (a workaround), but maybe someone's been very, very
>>You could define the verb with the arguments: any any none, and instead of
>>checking iobjstr, check prepstr, which ought to be your "$10", in your
>Come on... don't you try things on the MOO before posting?
>The only possible prepositions are:
>     with/using
>     at/to
>     in front of
>     in/inside/into
>     on top of/on/onto/upon
>     out of/from inside/from
>     over
>     through
>     under/underneath/beneath
>     behind
>     beside
>     for/about
>     is
>     as
>     off/off of
>    /t

You need to chill, man.  It was a suggestion, nothing more.  I believed
that using 'any' as a preposition would let you specify anything as a
preposition.  I was wrong.  Sorry.  If you're angry at something, don't
take it out on others; I really don't need it.

Matt Pauker

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