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Re: Parser Problem

>Try writing in-db parsing ;) The tough thing about parsing this would be
>that it has to check ALL possibilities, for example, parsing this,
>assuming it was 'give <object> <object>'


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>This brings to mind a new type of parsing.  I haven't got a name for it.. 
>'cause I think I stole it from how I *think* muds do it.  As soon as an 

doubt it.

>object is either in the room with the player, or in their inventory, it's 
>added to a list of commands the player can type.  When the player types 

yeah.  This is how MOO does it.  When you enter a room, or an object is
 otherwise 'in your scope', then all the verbs on it and it's parents
 are then in the 'list of commands' the player can type.  Wheither the
 args match is a different story.  I do understand the internal parsing
 of the command by the code, but that would be even more tick hungry than
 you suggest and would require something along the lines of 'throwing' an
 error, which MOO doesn't have, I'm not saying that it can't be done, but
 it would require a near paradigm shift in the way people think of MOO

>the command, the object's (whatever) is invoked, and it takes care of the 
>rest of the parsing.   A simple 'read' will work for a note in the room, 

Assuming there is only one note.  Last thing I want to be presented with
 (or program) is a modal parser:

The library
There are a lot of books here.
You see Moby Dick, MOO Programmer's Manual, and Tale of Two Cities.
read what?

This ain't Zork.  It's damn confusing when there is lag and you overtype and
 then are presented with a question to which it wants an answer, but you had
 typed another command and it just fucks up the rest of the commands you had

>even if you don't type it's name.  I've successfully implemented this at 
>my RPG MOO, but haven't found anything that will use it... YET.

I find that the best things to implement are those with the least number of 
 uses. herf.
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