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re: profiling

I don't have much I can say about the syntax, though at first glance it 
doesn't look too bad.  Is it possible to have global_profile() callable by 
anyone and just have their own tasks profiled?  If that would put undue 
strain on the server, forget it -- the last thing I want is to see one 
user's profiling code lag everyone else, but if it is possible, that would 
... well, that would be cool :)

Anyway, what would some sample output of prifiling code look like?  An 
execution time for each opcode?  Something a little less extreme?  I 
personally would like to know which builtins and list operations are most 
expensive and possibly bump up the tick cost to reflect it.

Actually #ifdef I_had_my_druthers, I'd do away with ticks altogether and use 
a microsecond-resolution seconds timer instead.

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