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Re: profiling

Your message dated: Thu, 01 Aug 96 07:37:19 PDT
> Since there's demand and I have some
> grasp on the issues already, I'm likely to do this one.


>     profile variable
>       statements
>     endprofile

Would it break down the output from other verbs called by this verb?
In my in-db parser, I'd really like to profile a call to do_command
and get the complete picture of where my ticks are going.  But where
the ticks are going may be several function calls deep.

> (Any
> tasks forked during their execution will not be profiled.)

Could this be an option?

>   * Do we need a programmer-level profiling facility?


>   * Do we need a global profiling facility?

Yes.  This is a *great* idea!

Good luck, Erik!  Thanks for taking this on.

-- Amy

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