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compiling on NEXTSTEP 3.3

Hey all, I got a response to my query, and thought the moo-cows
should know for any NeXT-based MOOing.

note: the thing bob tells me not to do is what the 
script assigns in the makefile.  Pavel, you should have NeXTSTEP
machines use the -posix flag, not -lposix.  However, without such
linking many math function's symbols are not found.  Therefore, link
with the -lm (libm.a).  So the final cc line looks like this...

%cc -g -posix -O [snip out object files...] -lm -o moo

That takes care of posix compliance and scoops up the math symbols
too.  It compiles without errors or warnings, and I've tested it
in the most basic ways at run-time.  It starts up, parses the db
properly, and I can telnet in and it seems to work fine.

Bob Vadnais responded to my message with...
> Never, never, never link directly against libposix.a.  8-)  
> If you want your program to do POSIX type stuff, pass the 
> -posix command line agument to the compiler driver program (cc).
> From > /NextLibrary/Documentation/NextDev/ReleaseNotes/OperatingSystem.rtf:
> o Building POSIX applications is now supported.  To compile 
> POSIX 1003.1 conforming source, specify the -posix flag to cc.  
> Note that POSIX kernel interfaces are not supported for 
> NEXTSTEP applications.
> Bob

Thanks, BOB, and all.


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