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Re: bf_connect_player(CONN, PLAYER) --> *FTP!!*

Colin wrote:
>> and then read the next "pass YYYY" line *before* deciding on whether or
>> not to log in the connection.  This is not currently possible (except with
>> non-blocking I/O in a polling loop, very laggy as previously discussed)

This is actually wrong.
An ftp client connects to your MOO. You have to do some ftp handshaking,
otherwise it will stay silent. Eventually, it sends the USER foobar line,
and you keep this information stored in whatever way you wish. Later on, it
sends the PASS fribble line. You check whether fribble is foobar's valid
password, and if yes, you return a valid object number. Voila, the ftp
connection is logged in. No need to loop reading or something like that.

hpa wrote:
>I thought someone had already implemented FTP?

Yes, over two years ago. BioMOO has been serving ftp since version 1.7.7,
through the main port. Now with 1.8.0 we're relieved of the ugly 220- at
the beginning of our welcome message. :)
Of course, the implementation is quite different from the one suggested in
this thread, since it doesn't login ftp connections. There is just no need
to, but this is just an implementation decision.

Gustavo Glusman               Founder/administrator of BioMOO
-- BioMOO: telnet 8888

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