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Logging in via gdb

Hee hee ...

Just had to share this with you folks: the next time you lose all your 
wizard passwords and feel like a more interesting way to log in than 
editing your database by hand, try this:

1) Run gdb on your moo binary, setting the arguments to your current
	db and the one to checkpoint to;
2) Set breakpoints at server.c, line 966 and tasks.c, line 542;
3) Telnet in;
4) When gdb breaks at the server.c line, do
	set h->player = <valid wizard obj number without the #>
	set h->connection_time = <some time integer less than now>

5) Continue, and when gdb breaks at the tasks.c line, do

	set tq->player = <same valid wizard obj number without the #>

6) Continue, (remove your breakpoints) and you're in!


Colin & Nate
Tripod, Inc.

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