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Re: reraise and other error-handling

At 04:11 PM 8/2/96 PDT, Adams, Charles wrote:
>I also noticed that a try..except..finally..endtry construct does not 
>compile.  It seems you can't mix the two kinds -- a "finally" statement 
>can't be seen in a construct when "except" statements are also present.  Was 
>this omission accidental or deliberate?

this was deliberate, here's what Pavel said to save the trouble of him
having to answer again:

Tom Meyer writes:
> I've been playing a bit with the exception handlers in 1.8.0beta3, and
> don't understand why I can't do the following:
>   try
>     <some code here>
>   except
>     <some exception>
>   finally
>     <Code to clean up in any case>
>   endtry
> I can use either the EXCEPT or the FINALLY part in the try statement,
> but can't use both.

You can't do this because I didn't implement it that way and it would be
difficult to fix it now.  Write something like that as follows:

            <some code here>
          except (...)
            <some handler>
          <Code to clean up in any case>

I actually find this more readable, since it's more clear which of the EXCEPT
and FINALLY parts is wrapped more tightly around the main TRY body.


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