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Re: bf_connect_player()

Colin wrote:
>Thank you, Gustavo, though I do in fact understand this point, and the
>point of the in-db line buffering code people posted earlier.  I simply
>think it would be cleaner and more efficient not to have to call
>:do_login_command() multiple times and buffer lines in-db.  Hence, I'd
>like bf_connect_player().

In your previous mail, you made it sound as if it were *impossible* to do
without the new bf, which is quite different from cleanliness and
efficiency considerations.
Sorry if I sounded condescending.

>> Actually, there's no need to store the USER info in the database, nor on
>> temporary variables of some waiting task. Let me leave that as an exercise
>> to the reader. :)
>[monitor] (Request from connection #-140.)
>;add_property(#-140, "something", 1, {#2, "r"})
>=> #-1:Input to EVAL, line 1:  Invalid argument
>	...
>Hmmm ... well, too clever for me!  :)

Well, I'm still waiting for solutions. Anyone? ;)

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