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Re: bf_connect_player(CONN, PLAYER) --> *FTP!!*

Gustavo Glusman wrote:

> BTW, I wrote above that you should program the database to keep such info
> as USER name (before the PASS arrives), and some examples were provided
> where this was implemented as an associated list. Of course, you can keep
> the info in properties of objects, but the negative object numbers that
> represent incoming connections don't have 'properties' you can set.
> Or do they? ;)

Gustavo Glusman wrote:

>Colin wrote:

>>[monitor] (Request from connection #-140.)
>>;add_property(#-140, "something", 1, {#2, "r"})
>>=> #-1:Input to EVAL, line 1:  Invalid argument
>>       ...
>>Hmmm ... well, too clever for me!  :)
>Well, I'm still waiting for solutions. Anyone? ;)

Well.  Invalid objects can't have properties or verbs. The only other
'properties' associated with negative object numbers are those having to
do with the incominc connections they represent...accessible via the
builtins for reading and setting connection options.

I don't know enough about connection options to know how to store a user
name...but I'd bet it is possible, somehow.  :)

Do I get a prize?  Half of one?  ;)

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