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New Paradigm

Things are picking up now.  I have finished (or started) Paradigm Beta5 and
it is up on both sites, and

>From the changelog:

Beta5 -----

- Identical objects with the same location will be merged.
   $bf_move() handles the merging/splitting of objects.
- Titles in 'who' will now wrap.
- The ONE_TIME flag will make weapons good only for one
   attack, armor good only for one hit, and keys only good
   for one door.
- Weapons can now have NO_<class/race> flags.
- Created a bf_random wrapper for compatability with WinMOO
- Emptied out the bug list.  There are no more known bugs.
- Started and hopefully finished the $editor.  The .edit
   command now works.  To start an editing session, call
   The verb will return the edited text.
- $enemies will now cast spells if the spell is in their
- Fixed bug where the MOO network wouldn't reconnect if
- The recycler now does not change a recycled object's name
   so that objects deleted from merging will still display

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