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MacMOOSE 2.0a1

MacMOOSE version 2.0a1 is now available!

MacMOOSE is a Macinstosh client designed to make programming on MOOs (and
MOOSEs) easy.  It gives you the ability to:
  * View help in a separate window
  * Edit in Macintosh (WYSIWYG) style:
      * Properties
      * MOO verbs
      * MOOSE scripts
      * MOOmail messages
  * Open an "object browser" to see all the scripts, verbs, and properties on 
  an object
  * Open multiple connections
  * Automatically convert data between lists of MOO strings and plain text

Lots more info and copies of MacMOOSE are available at:

NOTE:  MacMOOSE's advanced editing features work only on MOOs which have
$macmoose_utils installed.  Copies of $macmoose_utils are available on that
same web page.

Please send comments and bug reports to
MacMOOSE is by Amy Bruckman, Jon Heiner, Greg Hudson, Drew Samnick, Adam
Skwersky, and Steve Tamm

-- Amy,

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