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Re: Javascript/Java [Re: Interactive MOO]

On Fri, 16 Aug 1996, Michael Moore wrote:

> I've implemented an ANSI color/bold/flashing text system in my MOO (a LPMOO)
> using LPMOO buffers, and am in the process of porting it to Lambda 1.8.0.
> [...]
> The effect of this is that these color codes can be embedded into nearly any
> MOO text and will display nicely to anyone, whether they want ANSI or not.
> [...]
> telnet://
> I realize someone alse also has an ANSI system out there...but I started
> writing this one before I knew the other was available...and I like it.  :P
That would be me.  My ANSI system is available at:

I just took a brief look at your system but it seems to do basically the
same thing as mine except for a few differences:
  * mine uses longer tags (which tend to be easier to remember and don't
    require quoting as often),
  * players can control which codes they get and which they don't, instead
    if being able to turn everything on or off.  If their terminal program
    doesn't support 'bold' codes, they can turn them off, etc,
  * it has many extra utilities to help programmers format ANSI text easily,
  * it allows players to add ANSI to their names without actually putting
    ANSI tags in their .name property or in $player_db,
  * it appears to be a lot more modular and therefore much easier to port,
  * and I've spent a lot of time making sure that every core verb still
    works perfectly with ANSI turned on and it is fairly easy for
    programmers to fix their own verbs.

The newest version of my ANSI system that's up right now is version 2.1
which works on any MOO running 1.7.9p2 and up (not sure about LPMOO though).
Version 2.2 is finished and will be available some time this week, but will
require 1.8.0p5.


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