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Hi Folks..
 I am officially releasing the 'Surf_&_Turf' Java WebMOO Client for
non-commercial use.  Here are the details. Enjoy.
    Sincerely, Ken Schweller
Attention:  MOO Administrators
Subject:    Surf_&_Turf WebMOO Java Client now AVAILABLE FOR INSTALLATION
The design team at CollegeTown MOO is happy to announce the release of the
Surf_&_Turf WebMOO Client for installation on MOO server sites for
non-commercial use.  The S&T Client makes it possible to connect MOO objects to
Web Pages and to view those pages and display them to other users on their own
Netscape type browsers while in the MOO. This allows a group of users to surf
the web together or to show  each other favorite web sites. The ability to have
other users control your web browser can be toggled on or off as the individual
prefers. The S&T client is very user friendly and easy to install. Complete
information and INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS are available on the S&T Client Home
Page at
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