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Win95 ONLY! [Re: Surf_&_Turf]

At 6:34 AM 18/8/96, danforth wrote:
>Hi Folks..
> I am officially releasing the 'Surf_&_Turf' Java WebMOO Client for
>non-commercial use.  Here are the details. Enjoy.

It might be appropriate to mention if you're doing some project that is
platform specific.  The only reference to Surf_&_Turf being Win95 only
comes AFTER one has connected to the moo.

It may be me, but I feel that Moos must be system independent, and that
goes for Java.  But I may be a minority of one.

The project sounds interesting, however.


 Jason Nolan    
 Curriculum Department    telnet:// 9696
 Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education, U of T

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