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RE: Better late than...


From:  Bill Drury[]
Sent:  Wednesday, August 21, 1996 5:34 PM
To:  MOO Mailing List
Subject:  Better late than...

One really useful thing that allowing"burfle" to implicitly call
set_property_value(foo, "bar", "burfle") and to implicitly call
get_property_value(foo, "bar") (and thus to allow for wrappers) would be
the ability to easily implement 'inflatable' objects, i.e. objects whose
data is stored out of the MOO database somewhere until it is actually



I have to agree with him... This just let the MOO
be more Object Oriented let us override some
operator... More of that, this let us add some security
check (or anything else) on a propriety without having
it to be -c... But keep in mind to leave it simple.  

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