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Re: builtin: match_objects()

Followup to:  <>
By author:    Quinn <>
In newsgroup: local.moo
>         ;match_objects(STR spec, LIST objects)
>         -> {#matching_object*}
> Has anyone written a bf as above which scans name and aliases and returns
> all matching objects?  Basically, it just setremoves everything from
> 'objects' that doesn't match and returns the stripped list.
> If you're gonna respond just to say "What a stupid fucking idea!", consider
> saying it into a mirror instead, complete with facial gestures.

I honestly don't think that it would be that much of a win to do this
in the server as opposed to in-db, but I could be wrong, of course (it
*would* eliminate the need to compile the regexp several times, for

Either way, it wouldn't be that hard to find out.

I must say that if there is something that MOO's handling of regexps
lack it is the ability to precompile and reuse a regexp (this makes
sense if you know the regex library API that MOO uses internally.)

I have been joking with the idea of supporting plug-in server modules
on UNIX versions that support dynamic loading (SVR4, Linux, mainly).
It would let new builtin functions be compiled separately from the
server and inserted into a running server without shutdown.  The chief
difficulty is that I am not sure it would be possible/practical to
*remove* the modules again, which diminishes the usefulness by quite a

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